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Free energy generator very important on our live because People begin consume energy when they born until they die,whereas baby born in this world are two every second. The researchers estimate wil be 9 bilion people life in this world in the year 2050, So the energy consumption will be great. We must do something to save the world now because if not the competition of consuming energy will be happen. And that will happen casses that energy has a high cost and only a lot of people can use it. It is dangerous casses cause it can bring new useless wars.

There many options to solve that cases such as. You can do it by Search, explore and extract fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas to increase a fuel production in this world. Begin saving more energy by your self, than follow it with change a people habbits and attitudes. Install a free energy generator device for alternative energy such as solar, wind, thermal, nuclear or today is the boom in technology, the magnetic generator.

Look at  first option, the rusult of our exploretations that many sourch of fossils fule are drying up. Loking for oil in this era is very differnt with 20 years ago, the exploration and atraction technology are changed. That is one of resons why the product every time is more expensive ?. oil is a strategic global product in the world so people wars ti figh a place where there is oil under the pretext of political causes.

Than look at  the second options, human have a different attitude, so i think hard to impose or expect  to change their attitude to new attitude the we want. Overcoming it is a people dream and it is a very tender and laudable reasons. better meeting their needs is change in attitude means.

The last options of that ilternative is install a free energy generator, it is the most viable way to save the world. Wa can begin it by install an alternative enegy, there many alternative energy in this world such as solar energy, there are sites for wind energy, and its as for geothermal, nuclear or generated by ocean waves magnetic generator, and this site will explain about it. So enjoy with this site.


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